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Open to anyone aged 18 and over who is resident in Evanton and entitled to vote in local government elections.

Annual membership fee £5

Family membership £10

Youth Membership £1

Life Membership £30

Life Membership (Family) £50

Member liability is limited to £1

Membership Form



We are keen to hear your views on the best way forward for Evanton Wood, in particular to the questions:

1. What I value about the woods


2. I would like to see the following improvements, changes or additions


3. What I would not like to see happen to the woods



Orienteering Event at Evanton Woods

Inverness Orienteering Club have invited us to give any feedback after the event in your woodlands on 27th Oct.

My impressions were of a really pleasant and well-used community woodlands - it is certainly a great area for a small orienteering event, with a village hall so close by. I would certaily want to visit again at a more leiseurely pace in future. Perhaps it would be possible to partner with the local hall to promote use of the woodlands for some other sporting activity such as a cross country race. There is a thriving North District XC League running throughout the winter, and here in Moray we have a summer series of very popular woodland trail runs called the Moray Forest Runs Series. They are used as community fundraisers for the nearby village halls.

I wouldn't want to see wholesale change, but something to consider might be what Sanquhar Community Woodlands did in Forres by creating new MTB trails and a jumps area. The new paths actually improved the area for orienteers as well, giving more options for easier routes for beginners.

I hope you manage to sort out the problems with the permanent orienteering markers getting vandalised, and I hope you can continue the connection with the orienteers.

Mike Rodgers, Forres
Moravian Orienteering Club
Posted by Mike Rodgers on 20 November 2013
On holiday
We came across Evanton Woods whilst staying at the campsite. They are wonderful. Look after them! Every community should have their own. They are one of the strongest images that I have brought home with me to England after a two week tour on bike of the the north of Scotland.
Posted by Phil Whiting on 28 May 2012
This madness must stop now! Wasting money to give the rich(Nover) money for something we can already access/use is totally immoral, especially at a time of financial difficulties.

Please stop now before you waste all this moeny.

Allan Ross
Posted by Allan Ross on 07 May 2012
Best Wishes
More power to the communal elbow!
Posted by adrian on 15 September 2009
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