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Evanton Wood

Public Access and Use

All are welcome to access and use the community woods responsibly.

We aim to abide by the Scottish Access Code and ask all users to do so.

This specifically mentions the need to keep dogs under control and to clean up and remove dog fouling (including dog poo bags),

to remove all litter,

and to leave little or no trace when wild camping or making fires. Any dens should be of a temporary nature and made with natural materials, making sure not to leave any tools around. Trees should not be cut down but the spindly dead trees in the secret trail area (western hemlock and sitka spruce) may be used, as may the wooden poles set aside for this purpose.

There are designated places with fire circles for fires (Cabin area, shore, Mag's Wood, Secret Trail central area, Nursery seating area). We ask that people refrain from making fires elsewhere, and always ensure that they have sufficient water to properly extinguish fires. (This includes ensuring that the surrounding ground is not burning). There is water at the mains water tap by the toilet by the cabin, and in the water butt at the rear of the toilet at Mag's Wood.

Evanton Community Wood seeks to encourage responsible use and enjoyment of the wood by all ages and is happy to work with and alongside groups and individuals for this purpose.